The Story of A Broken Drain

A new pipe = $20
Cost per hour to hire a plumber= $80

An affordable, easy, and permanent fix using FiberFix = $6-$10

The choice is obvious.

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Shark Tank: Spoiler Alert

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That Used to be Broken?

Don't you hate it when you repair something and then realize that it looks worse with the repair than without?

Well with FiberFix you don't even have to choose between quality and presentation! FiberFix can be sanded and painted so it looks like there was never a repair at all!

                                                                          Just FiberFix


And Paint!

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Shark Tank

Want to see FiberFix in action? Tune in tonight on ABC at 8:00 PM Mountain Standard Time to watch FiberFix on the TV show Shark Tank!

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I Think We Have Sprung a Leak

Isn't it frustrating that one small hole can retire a 50 foot garden hose; and that 30 dollars and a new garden hose later there is a good chance that the same thing will happen again? Good news, with FiberFix you don't have to buy a new hose, you can effectively and permanently repair the old one!

Have a leak?

FiberFix it and you are good to go!

Save time and money, buy FiberFix today!

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Everyday I'm Shoveling

Don't you hate it when you break your shovel in the middle of a project? Doesn't it just ruin your day to have to drop everything, go to the store, and spend $30 dollars on a new shovel? Well instead of doing that, just use FiberFix! Let me show you how.

                                                            1. You break your shovel...shoot

2. You FiberFix your shovel

3. Your shovel is now like new. Begin digging again!

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Fiber What?

Have you ever broken a tool, chair, lamp, etc.. ?

Have you tried using normal tape only to discover that it didn't fix the problem?

 If this sounds like something that has gone through your head before, then FiberFix is for you.  

  •  is 100 times stronger than duct tape
  •  is water and heat resistant
  • adheres to many medias (wood, metal, ceramics, fabrics)
  •  is permanent and durable.
  •  is currently being sold in over 1600 stores 
Don't believe how amazing FiberFix is? That's okay, this blog will show you. Stay tuned for some examples of amazing things that FiberFix can do. Or, visit our web site and order some for yourself to see what all the fuss is about!

Tune in this Friday to see the FiberFix founders on Shark Tank!