Everyday I'm Shoveling

Don't you hate it when you break your shovel in the middle of a project? Doesn't it just ruin your day to have to drop everything, go to the store, and spend $30 dollars on a new shovel? Well instead of doing that, just use FiberFix! Let me show you how.

                                                            1. You break your shovel...shoot

2. You FiberFix your shovel

3. Your shovel is now like new. Begin digging again!

To purchase your own FiberFix today visit fiberfix.com!
Or find find a retailer near you using this link.


  1. Hi, we were really excited to use this to fix a rip in a canvas car top. It would not adhere. Did we do something wrong?

  2. I have a truck bed cover soft and the corner ripped tried to use fiber repair kit didn’t work tried to use original fiber it don’t work any suggestion at fiber fix?

  3. Maybe it doesn’t work on flat surfaces