Shark Tank: Spoiler Alert

In case you missed it, FiberFix made an awesome deal tonight on Shark Tank with the one and only Lori Greiner! Buy your FiberFix today at or find a retailer near you here.


  1. Smart lady. The other guys should have swallowed their pride. The question remains... how long before another knockoff steals their mojo. This is where all the hardware stores would have paid off I think. Maximum sales before it peters. Look at the duct tape knock off (sales). This kind of thing will only escalate. That being said... carbon fiber epoxy is just getting started. They even have titanium carbon weaves... though the price point sets the tone with initial scales. Good luck boys... lets hope you make tons of money. Locking her in to a percentage of the company will keep her hungry; with her own funds tied up. Many of them seemed to be spot on and you're lucky they all did not bail on you. My two cents anyway.

  2. None of the sharks would bail on something like this, they were drooling. Mark couldn't work a deal because it wasn't his type of business. The others didn't fit because these guys knew what they needed, tv. I work in the Home Depot and saw this displayed and checked it out. I could see it was kind of specialized, but a strong product. It's in a good location in the store near duct tape like Gorilla tape and 3M duct tape. So I looked at the display and thought it's a good product but it seems like a bandaid fix rather than a complete fix. I'm afraid this is the impression of the use on new products in stores. The Ronco affect, perhaps. I think this is a good product but it has to distinguish itself as an important tool.