Introducing FiberFix Heat Wrap

We love FiberFix original repair wrap. It's tough. It's strong. It's fast. It can also withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit without breaking a sweat. By any standard, that's pretty amazing! In listening to FiberFix users, however, we found that many of them (ourselves included!) wanted something even tougher for some parts of their cars and furnaces. We turned up the heat, and now we are pleased to announce the release of our latest product: FiberFix Heat Wrap!

Heat Wrap is designed for applications up to 850 degrees F. It can be easily used on things like auto hoses, furnace systems and mufflers. We've already seen and heard how Heat Wrap has saved users hundreds of dollars on repairs that used to be too difficult or too expensive to manage alone. Not any more! Simply open the pouch, dip it in water, wrap the item tightly, and allow the heat to cure the wrap. Heat Wrap will start appearing in stores in 2-3 months, but you can get it on our website

Thank you for helping to make this possible! For more information about using heat wrap, check out our lasted instructional video below.


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