Have Questions? We Have Answers!

We love FiberFix because it's easy, it's quick, and anyone can use it. Just dip it, wrap it, and enjoy! Even so, every day, we get calls from FiberFix users who are wondering what else they can do to get the most out of their FiberFix. Often we hear questions like these:
  • "What on Earth is that black vinyl strip really used for?"
  • "When do I use the sandpaper square?"
  • "What specific things should I do differently for a pipe versus for a shovel?" 

In inventing and experimenting with FiberFix ourselves we've discovered a few little tricks that can make working with FiberFix even easier and more enjoyable. A lot of this information is found on our website FAQ page (which we continue to add to) but we are pleased to announce new video series that hits many of these questions head on. If you have ever wondered about any of the following questions, we have a video for you!

  • How Do I Fix a Pipe with FiberFix?   
  • Can I Use FiberFix on Flat Surfaces?  
  • Do I Have to Use the Whole Roll?   
  • Can I Wrap Multiple Items with FiberFix?   
  • What Size Roll Do I Use?   
  • How Long Does FiberFix Take to Fully Harden?   
  • What is the Black Vinyl Strip for?   
  • When Do I Use the Sandpaper?   
  • Does the Water Need to be Exactly Room Temperature?   
  • What Temperatures Can FiberFix Withstand?    

All of these can be viewed on our YouTube "Frequently Asked Questions" playlist.  The First video in the series is posted below. Check it out!


  1. What outside temp does it need to be to use fiber fix on a excuse pipe?? I live in a cold weather area and need to know what temp the outside needs to be for it to cure. Please help

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